Lycée Marguerite Yourcenar 







Our school was named after Marguerite Yourcenar  a French novelist born in Brussels. She also wrote essays and poems. Winner of the Prix Femina and the Erasmus Prize, she was the first woman elected to the Académie française. Her most famous novel Les Mémoires d’Hadrien has become a modern classic.










When you come into the entrance hall, the first thing you can see is the students’ lockers where they can gather their things. It is also a good meeting point for all.

This is a typical classroom. Some 30 students can work there. They’re all supplied with a videoprojector and loudspeakers.


One o four computer rooms which can hold up to 19 computers

Here is the so-called CDI, the school library. CDI means Centre of documentation and information. You can borrow books there or sit down and read a newspaper.

Some meetings take place here, in the salle polyvalente. The school regularly invites people from outside whether they are former students or doctors, managers  etc. ....

This is the staff room, a no-go area for students!

Due to the growing student population in our school (it is one one of the best in Alsace!), space had to be found for the students to work between periods. That’s why you can see them here in the corridors.

The best place for the students. The „Foyer“ where they can relax and wait for the school bus.





The secondary school Lotti was founded in1962 as the first vocational school in Andria. At that time, it was situated in Via Milano and catered for 24 students only.

In 1995, a new school was built in via C. Violante, the same where we are now.

It is located not very far from the city center and caters for about 600 students aged 14-19 years old.


The lower level includes the reception, the administration room, the staff room, the principal's office, the gym and the assembly room where meetings are held.

On the first floor, there are 10 classrooms. Students also enjoy two computer rooms and a linguistic room.

We offer our students a broad curriculum which meets the needs of all the learners, spanning from Accounting to Tourism.

They also enjoy a load of extra-curricolar experiences abroad.





It is situated on a peninsula approximatively 7 kilometers south of Oslo, Norway.


The majority of the 700 students attending the school live in the surrounding area, a suburban, rural area. The school is a combined school offering both vocational training as well as the general branch of study, but it also had a separate department for children with special needs.

All students at this school have their own lap-tops, and the integration of ICT in teaching is an important characteristic of the school's profile. the school has previously taken parto in several international projects and aims at increasing its international activities.